New Springtime
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  • Mission Statement

In response to the great commission of Jesus and the Catholic Church’s call for a new evangelisation – we will – with the help of the Holy Spirit, engage in evangelisation ourselves – as well as teaching, training and equipping others who also desire to evangelise those who have not yet developed an intimate personal relationship with Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

We will do this by:

• Fostering unity of mind and heart and resolving conflicts as soon as they arise
• Rooting our activities in the word of God, regular periods of personal and communal prayer, faith sharing and celebration of the Eucharist
• Accepting into the community, members of other churches who share our vision
• Being willing to contribute, according to our ability, to the financial needs of the community
• Cooperating with the local church, especially with bishops, priests and other religious leaders.

In order to do this we will:

• Provide our own members with appropriate training in various aspects of the new evangelisation
• Contribute to the formation of clergy – with a view to facilitating effective evangelisation in their parishes
• Put on practical courses that will teach lay people about the nature, motives and means of engaging in the new evangelisation
• Conduct an annual Summer School
• Conduct research that would progress the new evangelization – and publish written and electronic resource materials
• Encourage intercessors to pray on our behalf that we maybe delivered from all evil and empowered to proclaim the Good News effectively.