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  • Scripture Sharing

Paired Sharing of Scripture

This is a simple but effective method which can be used by groups in order to read and reflect on the scriptures in a prayerful way. It consists of eight steps which take about 40 mins to get through.

1. Opening prayer for inspiration.

“In the scriptures by the Spirit;
May we see the Savior’s face;
Hear his word and heed his calling
Know his will and grow in grace.”

2. One person slowly reads the chosen passage out loud. Everyone else listens to the reading.

3. Everyone spends one minute reflecting on what they heard.

4. The passage is read again out loud by another person. It may be from a different translation of the Bible.

5. Everyone prayerfully reflects on the passage for seven minutes. They consider these two questions,
• What was the inspired author trying to say?
• How does it relate to my life and the life of the community?

6. Everyone shares in twos for seven to ten minutes.

7. A facilitator invites all those present to share what either they or their partner. This can go for up to 20 mins depending on the numbers present.

8. There is a final prayer of thanksgiving, e.g. the Glory be to the Father.