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On June 12th 2015, Pope Francis spoke about the Life in the Spirit Seminars which prepare people to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, when he said to priests and religious, “I ask all of you, each of you, that as part of the stream of grace of the Charismatic Renewal to organise seminars of Life in the Spirit, in your parishes, in your seminaries and schools … share your teaching on the Baptism of the Spirit, because it is produced by the work of the Holy Spirit through a personal encounter with Jesus, which changes lives.” In a speech on June 8th 2019 to 4,500 members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Rome Pope Francis said, “What does the Pope expect of you? I expect this movement to share Baptism in the Spirit with everyone in the Church. It is the grace you have received. Share it!”


In the first term we will have a webinar on the subject of “Baptism in the Spirit in Catholic teaching” It will consist of three inputs by Fr. Pat Collins.

There will be two sessions on the theology of baptism in the Spirit, and one on how to run the Life in the Spirit Seminars when the Coronavirus restrictions end.


Saturday 19th September

  • Session one will be at 9.30 AM
  • Session two will be at 11.30 AM
  • Session three will be at 3.00 PM

The cost will be 10 euro.



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