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When he spoke in his local synagogue in Nazareth, Jesus said that he had been anointed to bring the Good News to the poor. It is no different today. He wants those who have been filled with the Spirit to prioritise the evangelisation of the least, the last and the lost. He wants them to do this not only by proclaiming the kerygma in words, but also by demonstrating it in deeds of power by means of such things as healings and deliverance from evil spirits.

We are  inviting individuals of all ages and backgrounds who feel called to serve and support our community through prayer and healing services. Newspringtime community wants to share with you a wonderful opportunity to deepen your spiritual journey and make a meaningful impact on the lives of others.  Our healing and prayer ministry is dedicated to providing support, comfort and divine healing through the power of prayer and fellowship. We believe that through faith , prayer , and compassion we can bring hope and healing to those in need.

We invite you to join our healing and prayer ministry and become part of a community that is committed to. Offering spiritual support, Participating in healing services, Providing compassion and care. Deepen your own spiritual journey through shared prayer experiences, fellowship and learning opportunities. By joining our ministry you will have the opportunity to discover your gifts through the power of the Holy Spirit and to connect with like-minded individuals, grow in your faith and make a significant difference in the lives of others.

New Springtime Community See, Judge and Act Day

  • Saturday 6th July 10.00AM – 5.00PM
  • St Sylvester’s Parish Centre
  • 1 Main Street, Malahide, K36 HR53

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