This is our foundational certificate course.


Each session will begin with prayer.

This is followed by a talk/input.

After the input there will be participation in small group sharing.

Followed on by general group reactions.

And finally closing prayer.

Guidelines will be available for each session.


26 Sessions – 13 before Christmas 2020, and 13 after.

The first term will begin on Tuesday September 15th and will conclude on Tuesday December 8th.

The second term will begin on Tuesday January 5th and will conclude April 13th

(There will be no session on Tuesday March 16th )


There will be a cost of 70 euro.

We urge everyone who attends to purchase Pat Collins, C.M, Encountering Jesus: New Evangelisation in Practice (Luton: New Life, 2017).

There are no entrance requirements, written work or exams.