In 2015 Pope Francis said to a gathering of priests, “I ask all of you, each of you, that as part of the stream of grace of the Charismatic Renewal to plan to put on life in the Spirit seminars, in your parishes, in your seminaries and schools.” In 2019, speaking to charismatics Pope Francis added: “I expect this movement to share baptism in the Spirit with everyone in the Church.” To date well over sixty million Catholics have attended the seminars. This revised version of the seven talks contains a section on how they should be conducted, together with chapters on the official Catholic understanding of Baptism in the Spirit.

Fr. Pat Collins has been conducting Life in the Spirit seminars ever since the mid nineteen seventies. During Covid-19 he ran them, on behalf of the New Springtime Community, for hundreds of people online. As a result of his varied experiences, he has rewritten the original American version of the seminars. This handbook is not only intended as a resource to be used by those who want to put on the seminars, but also as a book to be read by anyone who is interested in being filled with the Holy Spirit and the charisms mentioned in 1 Cor 12:8-10.