Session 4: Receiving Gods Gift


Tonight we have reached the fourth seminar and tonight’s topic is a very relevant and interesting one: Receiving God’s Gift – of course, that is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Firstly, it is good to summarise where we have come from:

  • In Seminar 1, you heard about the way in which the gift of God’s love frees us from sin and the malign influence of the evil one.
  • In Seminar 2, you heard how God wants to give you new life in the Holy Spirit.
  • In Seminar 3, you heard how the Lord wants to move you from knowing about the person of Jesus to knowing Jesus in person by being filled with the Spirit. This happens as a result of claiming by faith the mighty graces you have already received in your baptism and confirmation. We saw last week how these graces are released with full power within us.
  • In this Seminar, we look at what you will need to do over the coming week in order to be properly disposed to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit next Friday.

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