I want to welcome you all to our Life in the Spirit Seminar. It is a spiritual adventure that will last for seven weeks. I have had a strong conviction that this is going to be a time of blessing for us all and God will do more than we can ask or think through his power being poured out upon us during the coming weeks.

  • Tonight we begin with an introductory talk on the love of God.
  • Then over the next three weeks we will have inputs preparing for the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  • On the fifth week we will have an opportunity of praying for those who have never been baptised in the Spirit. If you have already received this blessing we will pray for a deepening and strengthening of that grace.
  • After that there will be two more seminars which will spell out some of the implications of having been filled with the Spirit.


To download session 1 course notes, please click here