Session 4: Receiving Gods Gift

Session 4: Receiving Gods Gift Introduction Tonight we have reached the fourth seminar and tonight’s topic is a very relevant and interesting [...]

Session 4: Receiving Gods Gift2021-05-26T23:25:08+01:00

Session 3: New Life in the Spirit

Session 3: New Life in the Spirit Opening Prayer: In the Scriptures, by the Spirit, may we see the Saviour’s face, Hear [...]

Session 3: New Life in the Spirit2021-05-26T23:19:02+01:00

Session 2: Salvation

Introduction: Tonight, our topic is Salvation and it is a key subject. So we can begin by saying that God wants what's [...]

Session 2: Salvation2021-05-26T23:16:35+01:00

The Kerygma

There is an interesting story in Acts 16:16-40.  The evangelists Paul and Silas had been unjustly scourged and cast into the deepest [...]

The Kerygma2021-02-27T22:21:19+00:00

Obstacles to Evangelisation

In this talk I would like to draw attention to some impediments to the new evangelisation. The list is not intended to [...]

Obstacles to Evangelisation2021-02-27T22:08:48+00:00

Prayer Ministry Protocols

The laying on of hands is mentioned on a number of occasions in the Old Testament, so it is not surprising that [...]

Prayer Ministry Protocols2021-02-27T22:28:59+00:00

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