Course Four: The World or the Kingdom: the Choice is Yours

Dates: This course will begin on Wednesday 24th November and go on until Wednesday 15th December 2021 and resume on Wednesday 12th January and conclude on Wednesday 19th Jan .

Time: 7.30 – 9.00 PM

Fee: 15 euro

Thank you for registering for the course we will send you the Zoom link 7-days before the course starts if you did not received email Zoom link text or call 0894490683

Last year Barbara Mason taught a very popular course entitled, Rebooting your baptism and confirmation. Barbara returns to teach a new course. Over six sessions it will deal with topics such as the following

    1. What is Religion?
    2. How can there be One Way in a world of different cultures?
    3. Evil and Suffering, Heaven and Hell
    4. Can I be religious and still be normal?

Barbara’s course will be based on her book Is Religion Necessary? And Other  Questions (

Barbara Reed Mason, an American living in England, has been involved in faith formation for over 35 years in the UK and  internationally as a religion teacher and catechist, giving retreats and talks to young people and adults in  parishes, seminaries, religious communities, Catholic schools and chaplaincies. She is the author of the  CTS pamphlets The Gift of Faith and Mercy: The Greatest Gift, as well as the Kerygma Bible Retreat, and the  study guide: Is Religion Necessary? And Other Questions. She founded Proclaim Publications when  she was living in Panama and the Caribbean in the 1980’s and early 90’s to meet the need for a clear  proclamation of the Gospel in a Catholic context.