A 10 week course presented by Barbara Reed Mason

Barbara has been involved in faith formation for over twenty-five years in the UK, and internationally, giving retreats, talks, catechetical instruction and Bible Studies to young people and adults. She is the author of many books including: “The Gift of Faith”, “Mercy: The Greatest Gift


    1. Introduction
    2. God created Everything Good
    3. Original Sin and its Effects (Part 1)
    4. Original Sin and its Effects (Part 2)
    5. Jesus Christ, Universal Saviour
    6. Our Response to the Gospel: Faith and Baptism
    7. The Need for Repentance: Examing Faith, Hope and Charity
    8. A Personal Pentecost
    9. The Supernatural Gifts of the Spirit
    10. Rekindling the Graces of Baptism and Confirmation


Starting Friday 5th February 2021 and Ending Friday 16th April 2021
Classes at 7.30pm each week


A Bible and a copy of Kerygma: A Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Barbara Mason
(£3.95+pp from